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The way you show up so fully in your newsletter and blogs really resonates. I love the tone - completely authentic!

I love the message feels very genuine and real

About Laura Summerhayes

I’m a copywriter with over five years’ marketing experience and a lifetime of writing nouse. Specialisms include B2B communications and professional services, though I have written about everything from household goods to cars.

My business journey began three years ago. Since then I’ve worked with organisations to help them communicate clearly, effectively and compellingly with clients and prospects. I truly believe that there are some remarkable businesses out there, helping people do incredible things. I’m lucky to work with a few of them.

This blog started out tentatively as a way to keep in touch with clients and contacts. I’m not sure yet how it will evolve, all I can say is that it’s been a joy to connect with people so far.

I’m excited to see where the road leads - why don’t you join us for the ride?