The art of humility

When we are struggling, when we are having a hard time with something, how often is the struggle of our own making?

If my experience is anything to go by, the answer is ‘very often’.

Struggle with a project, or difficulty with a piece of work, usually signals the over-importance we attribute to our role. The struggle comes from the belief that we are the master, frustrated by this, that or the other.

In reality, we are but the humble student.

Next time you find yourself fighting a project which ‘should’ be straightforward, try becoming the student. What happens when you let go of the need to be the master? Perhaps a little space opens up, a little compassion, a little more clarity…

And if you’ve no idea how to let go of the fight, to see through the eyes of the student, take up yoga.

It’s not called a ‘practice’ for nothing.

Your words matter,


The Weekly Writing Reflection


Each week I share an inspirational quote and a writing prompt. The idea is for you to spend a moment doing some active reflection through writing.

Here’s your quote for this week:

Mastery begins with humility.”

- Robin Sharma

And your writing prompt:

  • I learnt the meaning of humility when…